Do you know what is the Operational marketing?

After marketing are two different dimensions, one that is strategic marketing (or analysis) and one that is operational marketing (or action). We can not conceive of one without the other for creating effective marketing strategies.

operational marketing

Operational marketing seeks to conquer market share through short and medium term that focuses on a sales target based on tactical media.

Operational marketing considered:

  • The pricing
  • Determining services offered
  • The positioning function characteristics
  • Distribution channels.

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What are preference shares?

Today, imagining that you’ve heard of the preferred shares and breeze through highly with fear your investment because who knows if you are not deceived? Do you have preferred shares and don’t know?

preference shares

Although for many this represents fear, it is actually a good opportunity to assess investments more closely and get optimize results.

The preference shares are complex products with a return that depends on the issuer derives profits, are a mix between action and bonus, as action because not expire and as debt because they receive compensation depending on the profits of the entity. Read the rest of this entry »

The correct management to difficult economic conditions

Finance company – When market conditions are uncertain, the company management becomes increasingly demanding. Being prepared is the key.

The global crisis has been living in recent years worldwide has shown us anything, it actually always possible to sustain our business when we are careful, we carry out analytical and proper management to get through this difficult time.

proper management

It is clear that planning can often reach to be meaningful complicated when our company, our customers and our suppliers are faced with the steady rise in prices. Inevitably, sales fall, margins are reduced and start to show problems related to cash flow.

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How to invest in the stock market step by step

Those who invest in the stock market seeking a better return on their money, and therefore come to this option that allows a wide variety of investment opportunities.

stock market invest

To invest in the stock market should take the following steps:

  1. Determine how much you are going to invest. If you are a beginner big budgets should not be handled, and it is certainly not risk money that may be needed at some point. Investing is a risk, and this must be taken into account when planning the amount to invest.
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What is microcredit: advantages and disadvantages

Microcredit are small loans offered to humble people with low income or with low resources as currently used since a while ago to support the new entrepreneurs to carry out their business ideas. Make it possible for people without resources to finance a labor project that contribute a few incomes and also a new way of survival, is a very important part of microfinance.


Today, as we have said, is a possibility offered to micro (legal person, with less than 10 employees and turnover typically less than half a million euros) and entrepreneurs or self-employed with annual incomes below 60,000 euros, although this may vary depending on who offers this amount, in fact often used even before the creation of the business and have income. Read the rest of this entry »

What is action learning

Action learning is a very interesting mode of learning, as it consists of “learning by doing”, what in business means learning how to do business with experiences of specific cases and assigned challenges, learn while doing.

action learning

In business, the action learning has four essential elements:

  1. Create an experience that involves a challenge, with tasks that go beyond the daily activities
  2. Reviewing the experience, review the results to analyze what went right and what went wrong in both the process and the results
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Be prepared for the worst

A key aspect to carry out effective financial management within the company, no doubt lies in the ability to anticipate and identify potential liquidity problems that could come to arise in the business.

liquidity problems

It is that ultimately, the identification of potential cash flow problems, before they occur, provides us with the necessary information to prepare the business in order to face them, and at the same time to avoid financial crises, which may even be irreparable. Read the rest of this entry »

How to make a marketing plan

The marketing plan is the documents that defines the business goals in a structured and devise strategies and actions to achieve these objectives in a given period of time. The document is very important as it provides a clear view of the situation of the company and the objectives to be achieved.

marketing plan

The stages of the marketing plan are:

  • Analysis current situation (analysis of general conditions, competition and company)
  • Diagnosis of the situation (inconvenience, opportunities, etc.)
  • Creating goals (achievable objectives, sales targets, market share of ROI and more)
  • Defining the strategy (price, promotion, distribution, location, product or service)
  • Action Plan (what is to be done and what marketing activities will be used)
  • Calculation of the budget (which has and which is required)
  • Monitoring and analysis plan (taking reference numbers)
  • Executive Summary (with conclusions).

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How to assess the value of goodwill?

When buying a business no matter its activity, the key step before the conclusion of the sales contract is the evaluation of goodwill. What element should be taken into account to evaluate? Why?

evaluation goodwill

The first things to consider are subjective, they are based on the location of the business (busy area or not), the customer, the value of the goods, the supply and demand … all these factors to assess the future turnover that the buyer could achieve. It is well to trace the past 3 years to get an idea of the numerical value of the goodwill. Read the rest of this entry »

How to conduct an effective meeting?

Nobody wants to attend long boring meetings, and yet this is what most meetings are. Follow these simple steps and do a bit of planning to accomplish everything you want in a meeting without bothering anyone.

conduct effective meeting

Begin by introducing who will be invited to meeting, the purpose of the meeting, topics to be covered and the information to be collected and disseminated. Have a specific goal for the conference. Establish a key outcome of the meeting. The ultimate goal would be a brainstorming session for example. Read the rest of this entry »

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